What are SEO positioning strategies for clinics and healthcare professionals?

SEO positioning strategies aim to make a web page appear in the top organic positions (non-payment) of search engines like Google when users search related content offered on that page.

Search engines take into account dozens of factors to determine the position that each web page will occupy in the results they offer when someone performs a search.

It is not known exactly how much each of these factors are determinant and even some of them are totally unknown. But considering what is known from different studies and the recommendations given by search engines, it is possible to make a clear picture of what should be considered to a greater extent.

To cite some examples, when it comes to putting forward a  web positioning strategy, it is necessary to take into account aspects such as the following:

  • Correct identification of keywords (which should match those used by people looking for information related to the services and content offered on the web).
  • Adequate organization and configuration of the Website.
  • Correct use of meta tags (description, title).
  • Regularly publish quality content that is well structured.
  • Prepare the pages where the services are offered.
  • Generate signals (and links) in Social Networks and other websites.


At the same time, it should be noted that when working on web positioning for clinics and health professionals, it is very advantageous to know in depth the techniques and strategies that best offer results in the field of health. Well although there are many aspects common to other sectors, the reality is that there are nuances that can make a difference in a decisive way.


Why is web positioning important for your clinic or office?


According to different studies, the number of people who use the Internet to seek information about health or a professional who treats them has not stopped growing in recent years ; And it does not appear that this trend will change its meaning.

Think for a moment about how your potential patients are more likely to act in case they need information about a health problem related to your specialty or directly seek a private professional to attend.

A very large percentage of them will use their smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers to go to Google (or another search engine) and find the information they need.

This means that if the website of your clinic or health clinic is in the top positions of the search results , it will increase the likelihood that those people who need information related to your specialty will enter your website and start getting to know you.

Subsequently, depending on the situation of the possible patient and if you find the information / understanding you need on your website, you will decide whether or not to visit again, and will choose or discard for you to treat. But in any case, that first step, knowing that you exist, is fundamental to getting patients online.


How long will the seo brisbane positioning strategies take to give results to the web of your clinic or doctor’s office?


Once you have made the effort to set up a website for your clinic or health clinic, you may expect to get great results in the short term.

But the harsh reality is that SEO only usually works in the medium / long term. Most likely, the different pages of your health web site will be poorly positioned for months, so in the meantime you will hardly receive many visits from this path.

You can not know exactly when SEO strategies are going to start to give results to your clinic or clinic website because many variables come into play: degree of competence in your niche or specialty, number and quality Of the contents that already have published in your web, proper technical configuration of the same, antiquity of the domain, and thus a long etcetera.

As a reference, you probably will not start seeing the first results until after about 4-6 months if you have not previously worked the SEO correctly or parts from scratch.

In addition, these first results are usually very discrete and do not compensate in comparison to the work developed (website creation, periodical publication of contents, etc.). But if the constancy is maintained, the fruits will be arriving little by little, your web will be placed in the first positions for much of the searches in which you are interested to appear and therefore it will be highly probable that the effort is worthwhile.


Why beware of SEO agencies and experts that promise great results in a short time?


Everybody knows that many companies use immediacy as an advertising strategy: “lose 20 kilos in 3 weeks”, “learn to speak English in two months”, etc.

And sometimes, although less and less, the same thing happens when SEO services are offered: “in a few weeks you’ll be on the first page of Google”, “position yourself above your competition in less than a month.”

It is true that if your clinic or specialty has very little competition online it is possible to achieve a good SEO position in a few weeks. But the usual thing is that, at least, there is already some competition and therefore it takes a few months to achieve good positions in the search results.

With what already at the beginning, it is somewhat suspicious that you can secure great results in a short time without knowing in which city or market you are going to “compete”, as you may have guessed if you read so far, when it comes to SEO miracles They do not exist .

And going one step further, if someone ensures you achieve great organic results in a short time, even in very competitive areas in your city, and you do, you must be especially alert.

Although it is not as habitual as a few years ago, there are still “experts” in SEO who resort to techniques to deceive search engines like Google and thus achieve a good positioning for the websites with which they work.

These techniques are known as “Black Hat SEO” and may consist, for example, of artificially generating links to your site or abusive use of keywords in the contents of your website with the aim of scaling many positions in a short time .

Black Hat SEO can deliver great results for a while, but sooner or later, as has happened on other occasions, search engines learn to recognize deceptive practices and end up penalizing websites that have benefited from them.

In this way, there have been thousands of websites throughout the world that have disappeared directly from search results or have lost hundreds of positions in a few days. And the worst thing is that later it is very expensive to clean the trail of everything that has been done wrong and to recover the “confidence” of the search engines.

What can you do if there is a lot of competition or you can not wait until the SEO positioning techniques for your clinic or health clinic start to work?


It can happen that your clinic or office is in a city with a lot of competition, so that your website is very difficult to position itself organically. Or simply, you can not wait for a few months until your health website reaches the top positions of the listings, since you need to be visible to your potential patients.

In these cases it is advisable to bet on online advertising , using services such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or certain directories.

These types of services are an extra cost, since most of them are for payment. But using strategies adapted to the health sector can achieve great profitability in the short, medium and long term .

In addition, once your clinic or health clinic is well positioned organically and getting the patients you need, you can do without paid advertising; Or at least decrease the budget you are allocating to it.