The importance of good hygiene in the bathroom

Close that lid!
Let’s start with one of the most important things you should do in your bathroom. Always close the toilet lid before pulling the chain.
The Importance of Regular Cleaning
WC handles, light switches, faucets or faucets, toilet seats or anything that is regularly touched by dirty hands. Of course, a few germs are needed and remain in our body on alert. In spite of this, it must be said that most baths would not pass a rigorous hygiene test. Faucets, handles and switches are also not scarce in germs and bacteria. Some may even have E. coli being a serious health risk. It is advisable to keep some antibacterial wipes in the bathroom, so that you can quickly clean some of these parts of the bathroom, in addition to routine cleaning. Remember that often a used bar of soap carries more germs than a faucet!
Location, Location
Think about where you are going to put toothbrushes, sponges, towels and the like. Apart from the spraying of the toilet bowl there may be some spraying of the shower. This does not depend on whether you have a booth or a shower curtain. If you have a pocket sized bathroom where objects are not easy to dispose of, you can always place a small set of bathroom drawers where you can store brushes, nail clippers, sponges, etc. Instead of leaving them on top of the sink or sink.
Showers need cleaning
If you live in an area of ​​hard water it is very likely that the shower head will fill with lime. This limits its usefulness. You may also find that when you shower you are spraying with dirt, mold, or even.
Shower curtains, booths, tiles or bulkheads also need to be cleaned regularly. Often, these house waste from the shower of the previous person. Clean regularly to eliminate germs, dirt and lime.
Towels, sponges and fabrics
Every time you get out of the shower, fresh and perfumed, you take that soft spongy clean towel or maybe not? Unless the towels, tissues and sponges are washed regularly, and correspond to a single person, you may be rubbing with your own or others’ germs. It may even be with fecal matter, again. What a picture!
Be careful with cleaning products.
Currently there are many tools that facilitate cleanliness and good hygiene. Some are simply cosmetic, while others claim to wipe out the worst bacteria and germs. Always read the label of these products before you buy them. A child or an animal could be easily affected by this type of product if it is not used with care. Keep these items out of the reach or harm of anyone. It is important that you be aware that you can cause a lot of skin damage to the point where you can develop allergies as a result of misuse, you should use them sensibly.
Care should be maximized when mixing this type of product. For example, many people resort to placing a block of gel in the toilet bowl that is activated with each discharge. Or use a bleach cleaner to add it regularly to the bowl, in addition to the products with which you clean it.
If you are not careful when carrying out this practice you can cause a harmful gas, that the toilet bowl ignites or even explodes.
Do what you can to keep your bathroom and toilet clean while protecting your health. You must be able to do it proportionally, that is, to maintain cleanliness without harming or creating any danger to your health and that of others. Also, remember that despite many efforts, some bacteria and germs survive. See more tips here saniflo reviews
Just make sure there is no suitable broth to multiply in your bathroom.