Although they are a classic in the world of vacuum cleaners, in recent times have become very fashionable. And that’s because they are one of the best solutions for those people who have allergy problems (dust, mites, animal hair, etc.).While it is true that solutions specific to allergens (such as the Dyson DC52 ) have appeared on the market , in most cases (and budgets) it will be convenient to look for a model of vacuum cleaner with a liquid filter.


Let’s start at the beginning and see what these models are characterized.

As the name implies, a water aspirator uses water to get rid of dust and other substances.

In a house accumulates a lot of dust, especially delicate situation if we are allergic. Vacuums with filter for liquids are created to minimize the risks.


The air sucked in with the dust particles passed through a water filter, which remained with the dust particles. Keep in mind that this type of models requires special maintenance, as the water tank must be emptied and cleaned after a few uses. This is because we want to avoid at all costs the formation of mold in the cavities of the filter tank. If we keep the mold in place, we will be safe from bacteria. In addition, this additional water filter needs to be replaced to maintain the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.

The market offers a multitude of articles to facilitate the tasks in homes and companies

From the broom to the cleaning robots , the market offers a multitude of alternatives to perform cleaning tasks, whether at home or professional level. In the traditional catalog of best budget vacuum cleaners, technologies based on the principles of nature itself, the strength of water gain space.

Vacuum cleanersCrowd are the brands that have developed for their use in the home the already recognized vaporetos, which are presented as the most effective formulas to decant the dust and decontaminate the air. That is, to catch even the dirt that is not seen.

These systems, especially indicated for homes when they are allergic to dust mites, have been completing their cycle, so that along with equipment that uses water and a separator to wash the air, there are others able to catch the dirt that It does not dissolve in liquids, that is to say, they leave with the air to the outside, and that they are so harmful for the health.

Along with the advantages in neatness, this technology is presented as versatile. That is, they not only serve to vacuum conventional surfaces, such as carpets, carpets and even curtains, but can be applied to virtually all materials.


There are three brands clearly above their competitors in this type of filters: Karcher, Nilfisk and Dyson .

As you will see in their product listings, they are not low cost machines. We are in front of appliances that require a little higher expenditure than usual, but that is not mandatory, it makes life very easy for people with allergies and breathing problems.