Hydro Mop, Steam Mop

Cleaning house is a task that is often tedious to carry out and creates conflicts between people living under one roof. Order, disinfect, polish, dusting … all this is necessary to be able to live in harmony and with good hygienic conditions.


However, many people live the domestic chores as a real ordeal because their bodies end up resenting and showing pain in various parts. Here are some basic tips to keep our home sparkling not to the detriment of our health.

When sweeping and scrubbing the broom stick or mop should be high enough so that we do not have to bend or bend over when using them.The hands should hold the utensil keeping the height of the area between the chest and the hip. It is important that the spine is always kept straight to avoid back pain.

To pass the vacuum cleaner we must follow the same posture as sweeping or scrubbing but taking into account that it is necessary to flex a little the knees. When you have to pass the vacuum cleaner below a piece of furniture, you should bend down and rest one knee on the floor.This is the correct posture that will take us away from the injuries.

When ironing, adjust the table to the navel height. A curious thing that many people do not know is that supporting one foot high on a foot and alternating with the other end will help us to better distribute the weight and to execute the force with the arm, not with the weight of our body.

As far as dishwashing is concerned, the sink, such as the ironing board, should remain at the navel level so that if we hold a dish with the spine straight, the elbows form a 90 degree angle. In this case also have to make use of the footrest and go alternating the supported foot. This will keep the spine straight.

It is true that to avoid injuries there are two important factors: the body posture, as we have been mentioned, and also the appliances and utensils we use. Nowadays the elements that we use to clean the house have been so sophisticated that part of the work falls on them, freeing ourselves from the arduous tasks of thorough cleaning.
An example of this are steam mops that clean and disinfect not only the floor but surfaces such as ceramic, stone, parquet or wood. What is your great advantage?They clean and disinfect without using any detergent that contaminates because they use steam and also reduce working time thanks to its power. The most modern designs are made in such a way that they allow access to corners that other appliances have so far been unable to clean.

So if we follow some good postural advice and we help with the technologies applied in the new appliances such as steam mop, we can make cleaning the house a much shorter and less heavy work for our body. Forget your efforts!

The mop steam Hidro Mop is a steam mop designed to clean and disinfect any type of soil: ceramics, stone, marble, wood and even parquet with one pass!

This appliance has the advantage of cleaning and disinfecting the floors of your home or business without using any kind of detergents which represent on the one hand a further investment and on the other, damage the environment as the disinfectants are not diluted by Complete, which causes a contamination without water repairs. In turn, the Mop Hop Mop has the ability to clean areas of your home such as: bathrooms, kitchen, oven, carpet, blinds and even the place where pets sleep in seconds, reducing the time you invest in The daily cleaning of your home.


  • Stylish, practical, compact design
  • Uses steam to clean, without chemical agents
  • It cleans all types of surfaces such as marble, ceramics, stone, carpets, wood, etc.
  • Super absorbent microfiber cloths
  • Triangular design specially designed to clean all corners of the house
  • Power: 1500 w
  • Capacity of deposit: 700 ml

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