Fryer Airfryer: poor results

Do you want to cook healthier and with less oil? A fryer without oil is not the solution. We analyzed the Philips Airfryer, and found that its results leave a lot to be desired, as happened with the Actifry of Tefal.They are fryers … but they do not get good “fried”.

Can you fry without oil?

A new appliance comes in addition to these trend of healthier fryers, which hardly use oil.This is Philips Airfryer.We have analyzed, comparing their results with those of other traditional fryers and those ofActifry Tefal, another fryer without oil.

The new Philips fryer presumes, like the Tefal model, to fry without oil.As it does?Well based on hot air, which is cooking food, and taking advantage of natural fat they have many fresh, or even frozen, foods such as prefried potatoes.However, the manufacturer recommends adding a half spoon of oil to the food before frying it to make them crisp.But does it really fry?

Fries with bad looks … and bad taste

We tested: fry potatoes, both fresh and frozen.In the AirFryer fryer, in a classic fryer and in the Actifry oil-free fryer.The results are clear:

  • Both in appearance and taste, the best chips were achieved with the classic fryer: crunchy on the outside, well made and with very good flavor.
  • As for the AirFryer, the potatoes did not fry evenly, were not crunchy, and tasted like raw potatoes.The likely cause is that the temperature is not sufficiently homogeneous during the process.
  • And comparing the results with those of the test de freidoras sin aceite – cocina española, Actifry, we saw that the Philips AirFryer are worse: in the Tefal the potatoes fried more homogeneously than with the Philips fryer, but neither were crisp.

It has some advantages …

The Airfryer oil-free fryer is easy to use and safe:

  • The controls are well designed.
  • It has a thermostat of 80 to 200 ºC and a timer adjustable up to 30 minutes, in addition to a sound signal of end of program and automatic stop.
  • Regarding safety, no problem has been found, although of course, care must be taken not to touch the hot parts during operation.
  • The external parts of the fryer can be washed in the dishwasher.

Oil-free fryers cook lighter foods, as they are not so impregnated with oil.

And many drawbacks

  • The Airfryer fryer consumes about 390 Wh to fry half a kilo of potatoes, that is, about 25% more electric power than a classic fryer.
  • The total duration of the process is longer: 17 minutes compared to 11 of the classic (the Actifry consumes something less, but is even slower, 21 minutes).
  • The noise is also higher than in classic fryers because of the air ventilation system.
  • Although it uses little oil, the risk of a high level of acrylamides (a carcinogen) is higher than in traditional fryers.
  • Finally, the price of the Philips Airfryer is just under 200 euros, very similar to the Tefal Actifry … and much higher than the classic fryers, which rarely reach 100 euros …

Our tips

  • If you want to reduce your consumption of fats, it is best to avoid consuming fried in the usual way, do not fry them in one of these fryers without oil.
  • If you are thinking of buying a fryer, see ouranalysis