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The importance of good hygiene in the bathroom

Close that lid!
Let’s start with one of the most important things you should do in your bathroom. Always close the toilet lid before pulling the chain.
The Importance of Regular Cleaning
WC handles, light switches, faucets or faucets, toilet seats or anything that is regularly touched by dirty hands. Of course, a few germs are needed and remain in our body on alert. In spite of this, it must be said that most baths would not pass a rigorous hygiene test. Faucets, handles and switches are also not scarce in germs and bacteria. Some may even have E. coli being a serious health risk. It is advisable to keep some antibacterial wipes in the bathroom, so that you can quickly clean some of these parts of the bathroom, in addition to routine cleaning. Remember that often a used bar of soap carries more germs than a faucet!
Location, Location
Think about where you are going to put toothbrushes, sponges, towels and the like. Apart from the spraying of the toilet bowl there may be some spraying of the shower. This does not depend on whether you have a booth or a shower curtain. If you have a pocket sized bathroom where objects are not easy to dispose of, you can always place a small set of bathroom drawers where you can store brushes, nail clippers, sponges, etc. Instead of leaving them on top of the sink or sink.
Showers need cleaning
If you live in an area of ​​hard water it is very likely that the shower head will fill with lime. This limits its usefulness. You may also find that when you shower you are spraying with dirt, mold, or even.
Shower curtains, booths, tiles or bulkheads also need to be cleaned regularly. Often, these house waste from the shower of the previous person. Clean regularly to eliminate germs, dirt and lime.
Towels, sponges and fabrics
Every time you get out of the shower, fresh and perfumed, you take that soft spongy clean towel or maybe not? Unless the towels, tissues and sponges are washed regularly, and correspond to a single person, you may be rubbing with your own or others’ germs. It may even be with fecal matter, again. What a picture!
Be careful with cleaning products.
Currently there are many tools that facilitate cleanliness and good hygiene. Some are simply cosmetic, while others claim to wipe out the worst bacteria and germs. Always read the label of these products before you buy them. A child or an animal could be easily affected by this type of product if it is not used with care. Keep these items out of the reach or harm of anyone. It is important that you be aware that you can cause a lot of skin damage to the point where you can develop allergies as a result of misuse, you should use them sensibly.
Care should be maximized when mixing this type of product. For example, many people resort to placing a block of gel in the toilet bowl that is activated with each discharge. Or use a bleach cleaner to add it regularly to the bowl, in addition to the products with which you clean it.
If you are not careful when carrying out this practice you can cause a harmful gas, that the toilet bowl ignites or even explodes.
Do what you can to keep your bathroom and toilet clean while protecting your health. You must be able to do it proportionally, that is, to maintain cleanliness without harming or creating any danger to your health and that of others. Also, remember that despite many efforts, some bacteria and germs survive. See more tips here saniflo reviews
Just make sure there is no suitable broth to multiply in your bathroom.

Benefits of fishing for health

Fishing is one of the favorite sports of men , one of the great mysteries for women, however fishing is one of the activities chosen because it allows people who practice not only forget the stress of work and commitments life , but also offers great advantages with respect to health.

The hobbies or interests are one of the great advantages that have people now , despite this are still people who do not dedicate their free time to an activity that fills them taste or satisfaction, this makes medical and psychological conditions Of people get worse.

The benefits of fishing are varied, it is why we devote this post to know a little more about the benefits they can bring you fishing and not only to improving health as buying best baitcasting reel for the money and have fishing reels .

Benefits of fishing

Below we will talk a little about the benefits of fishing and its contribution to improving the quality of life of people:

  1. Anti stress therapy: although many people do not consider it this way, within the benefits of fishing find that it is highly relaxing, so it is a perfect therapy to lower and eliminate stress indices present in people.
    When fishing is a widely used concentration and strength, so people isolated by time pressures and worries of daily life as are labor disputes, marital problems or problems associated with the economy .
  2. Exercises: another benefit of fisheries is to exercise ourselves , though not enough just because of having to shake the rod and pull when a fish has dropped or the bait is a way to put all the body functioning.
    When we exercise the body releases substances that help you get more oxygen to the cells, in addition to operating the muscles allowing you to burn calories .
    It is ideal for people with very high rates of corporal mass, ie with serious obesity problems because it is a good form of exercise but also a very pleasant time passed.
  3. Relax: another benefit of fishing and why people should practice more fishing it is because the environment in which this activity occurs is always in the middle of nature.
    Free noise, pollution and surrounded opposite the sea, river, or water, nature and fresh air help we can relax and help us have a better lifestyle thus avoiding the cause of many diseases Of the new age as are stress and anxiety.
  4. Strength: The fish in many of his performances are very muscular and strong animals, a good representative as we can weigh and measure several meters.
    Without mebargo not all are so great and the pressure that the fish makes once it has bit the hook is a great way to test our strength and endurance.
    This allows us to enjoy good handling of our body, it allows us to develop more strength in the arms and legs , as in this fighting fish is required throughout the intervention of our body.
  5. For all other benefits of fishing or rather an advantage over fishing is that anyone can try to do, that is, it is not necessary to have great knowledge in fishing or how to catch fish most importantly , people have the willingness to do so and also try to do it once a week or twice a month as a good way to ward off problems and exercise ourselves a little.
  6. Meet people: another of the many benefits of fishing that this practice is always possible to find people at the end with us. Like you, others also want to fish, passionate or do it as a way to look for alternatives.
    In this way it is very likely that in the practice of this activity we can meet fishing partners and why not, good friends.
  7. Tourism: another benefit of fishing is that you can move to other places, this is a wonderful opportunity because not only you or you can limit yourself to your area, but you may go and meet other wonderful sites that offer you a good fishing.
    This is not only beneficial to eliminate stress, but is also ideal for sharing with family, children, siblings or friends, it is a healthy and also excellent plan .
  8. Concentration: fishing allows us to be concentrated, to fish is necessary to be aware of everything, sounds movements, everything that happens around us, in order to capture all possible fish.
    In this way we contribute to the improvement of our  capacity to concentrate and this translates into benefits at work or school, as you see everything we do with fishing benefits us not only physically, but also mentally.
  9. Patience: Patience is another benefit of fishing, to have at the end a fish has taken the bait can spend hours and sometimes does not happen, is an excellent practice to help us develop patience, know how to wait and how much At the right time.
    Since fishing is always done in silence is also an excellent source of meditation, allows us to meet with ourselves, talk a little about our things and issues and reach a good understanding or solution.
    Spending time with ourselves allows us to grow and free ourselves from the emotional burden.

Cloud bookkeeping closes oversubscribed capital increase of $ 2.3 million for health IT SERVICE ecosystem

Cloud bookkeeping, a software and services provider of web-based physician practice material, today announced it has closed an oversubscribed capital increase of $ 2.3 million. Investors include a cadre of entrepreneurs and leaders of important business.

Software Solutions Based on Internet severely lacking in the health industry. Cloud bookkeeping is one of the few companies to truly deliver a modern, web solution for medical practices. The cloud-calculative platform the Company provides physicians the opportunity to adopt the technology among the best in the world with little to no capital investment.

Cloud bookkeeping gold coast connects users through social networking-based business and clinical system. “The Cloud bookkeeping platform treats healthcare and its participants as an ecosystem whereby physicians, patients and others can be treated at a business level and collaborate on a human level,” said Albert Santalo, CEO and Cloud bookkeeping founder. Cloud bookkeeping also provides an accounting cycle management service that liberates the practice manager to the offer of BackOffice and expensive efforts collections.

Cloud bookkeeping current maintains a limited number of users to its practice management software service management and accounting cycle as it prepares for full product launch in Q2 2010. Cloud bookkeeping employs the amount of this round for development its electronic medical records product and current sales and marketing efforts.

The Company will present at the 2010 Florida Business Forum Conference, an event for which state has attracted more than $ 1.9 billion dollars in the permanent capital of venture capital for companies Based in Florida since its inception. For additional information on the conference visit the website at www.floridaventureforum.org

What is an HCG Diet? And Can It Help You Lose Weight Healthy?

Those who wish to lose weight are bombarded with hundreds, possibly thousands, of different diets, each claiming unprecedented benefits for body weight, fitness and general health. Unfortunately, the vast majority of diets simply do not work in the long run. And while the shortcomings of some diet recommendations are evident even to people with no education, others sound too scientific to be simply dismissed.

The hCG diet belongs to the latter group. In effect, it may provide certain advantages for weight loss, but it is evident that at the expense of other factors.

What is an HCG Diet?

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone present in large amounts in a pregnant woman. Uses fats stored in a mother’s body to provide the calories needed for the fetus to grow. This attribute of using stored fat is the basis of using the hormone as a weight loss treatment. Research has shown that hCG (when taken orally or by injection) increases metabolism in non-pregnant people (men and women).

Initially developed and studied by Albert Simeons, the diet is refined and now includes a four phase fat removal method.

Phase 1: During this phase, the person is asked to consumemuch food as possible, especially fats, more than two days.

Phase 2 and 3: In this case, the daily calorie intake to 500 calories consistent decreases in fruits, vegetables, salads or lean meat with a daily dose of the hormone hCG. This phase continues for three weeks. Halfway through this period, the hCG dose is stopped.

Step 4: Return to a normalhealthy diet.

HCG diet, a diet to lose weight?

Although research on the use of hCG hormones to lose weight and be part of a diet plan is deficient, some studies clearly show that hCG is not an effective way to promote weight loss. A clinical study of 51 obese women was conducted over a period of 32 days. All of them were put on a 500 calorie per day diet and half of them received hCG injections. At the end of the study, we found that there was no significant difference between the two groups in terms of weight loss, hip and waist circumference, hunger sensation or weight loss per injection. Therefore, the conclusion that HCG does not contribute much to lose weight.

In another study, 82, pre-menopause, healthy nonpregnant women participated for 28 days. All of them were put on a 500 calorie per day diet. Only a small part of them received injections of hCG, while others were given no injections.

During the first week, all participants experienced strong feelings of hunger and adjustments in diet improved considerably more for those who did not receive hCG injections. During the course of the experiment, two participants also experienced side effects and both belonged to the group taking hCG injections. One woman developed ovarian cysts and the other woman suffered a severe headache. At the end of the study, it was concluded that hCG offered no advantage over caloric restriction and diet success was based on motivation rather than on hCG administration.

A lot of recommendations for the hCG diet have been mentioned in various sources, not to use body lotions and oils to avoid consumption of alcohol, sugar and dairy products. Some recommendations even discourage any form of exercise. A review of these studies clearly showed that hCG is ineffective in the diet and is not recommended for use.

If you are still thinking about trying this diet, it is also advisable to consult a good nutritionist or doctor before starting because of the increased risk of side effects associated with this diet approach.

Pregnant or lactating women should avoid going on a diet as artificially raising HCG hormone levels in the body can pose a threat to the baby’s development and produce serious birth defects. It can also cause problems for the mother’s health.

HCG Diet Plan Facts

What do you need to know about the hCG diet plan before you even start considering it as a weight loss option for yourself? Quite as it turns out. These are important facts about the hCG diet plan everyone should keep in mind.

  • It is a very low calorie diet: Nutrition experts suggest a daily intake of 1800 calories (for women) is required to help our body to perform its functions properly. The hCG diet allows a calorie consumption of 500 to 700 calories a day on average, which is less than half of what is recommended, thus depriving the body of essential nutrients.
  • Side effects: This low-calorie diet, in addition to not deliver the basic nutrients for the body, it causes an irritable person, can cause mood swings, headache, hair loss, fatigue, electrolyte imbalance, gallstone formation, Cardiac arrhythmia and, in the worst case, consumption of the hCG hormone can lead to irregular periods, ovarian cysts, breast tenderness, depression, vaginal bleeding in women. In men, it can cause breast enlargement, decreased sperm production, infertility and the formation of blood clots.
  • Dose of hCG: So far there has been no guideline published in the dose of the hormone hCG. As a result, most providers are using random doses of this hormone.
  • It is not approved by the FDA: The hormone has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of obesity or for use in any type of weight loss therapy.
  • Limited research on hCG leads to weight loss: A lot of research has been done to find out if hormone intake helps to lose weight, but there is no solid scientific evidence to confirm this, and it is considered that the Weight loss in this diet plan usually occurs because of calorie restriction. A research analysis of eight controlled and 16 uncontrolled trials that measure the effect of hCG on the treatment of obesity showed that there is no benefit of using hCG in obese people to lose weight. So far, there is no scientific evidence that hCG is effective in treating obesity or aiding in weight loss through redistribution of fat.
  • Price tag: the hormone HCG is usually very expensive and also often no easy way to check whether the medication is real or not.
  • It is not a change permanent lifestyle: Since caloric intake is so low, is likely to be a temporary diet plan and not a change of permanent lifestyle that people can take to maintain their weight. It is likely that once a person is off the hCG diet, weight can return. This rapid weight gain is known to be associated with serious health risks.

Although an hCG diet can result in rapid weight loss in a short time, it is certainly not a healthy and permanent way to lose weight.

The evidence of rapid weight loss with this diet that can be found online seems very convincing, but a closer look clearly indicate that the HCG diet can cause serious health risks. There are many studies that show that the use of extreme diets offer more risks than benefits. So instead of putting your body at risk by trying these types of diets, it is best to find a meal plan that fits you well and have been scientifically proven to work and to be safe. Check this link for more info: http://www.hcgdietinfo.net/where-to-buy-injections-online-and-order-shots/

Hydro Mop, Steam Mop

Cleaning house is a task that is often tedious to carry out and creates conflicts between people living under one roof. Order, disinfect, polish, dusting … all this is necessary to be able to live in harmony and with good hygienic conditions.


However, many people live the domestic chores as a real ordeal because their bodies end up resenting and showing pain in various parts. Here are some basic tips to keep our home sparkling not to the detriment of our health.

When sweeping and scrubbing the broom stick or mop should be high enough so that we do not have to bend or bend over when using them.The hands should hold the utensil keeping the height of the area between the chest and the hip. It is important that the spine is always kept straight to avoid back pain.

To pass the vacuum cleaner we must follow the same posture as sweeping or scrubbing but taking into account that it is necessary to flex a little the knees. When you have to pass the vacuum cleaner below a piece of furniture, you should bend down and rest one knee on the floor.This is the correct posture that will take us away from the injuries.

When ironing, adjust the table to the navel height. A curious thing that many people do not know is that supporting one foot high on a foot and alternating with the other end will help us to better distribute the weight and to execute the force with the arm, not with the weight of our body.

As far as dishwashing is concerned, the sink, such as the ironing board, should remain at the navel level so that if we hold a dish with the spine straight, the elbows form a 90 degree angle. In this case also have to make use of the footrest and go alternating the supported foot. This will keep the spine straight.

It is true that to avoid injuries there are two important factors: the body posture, as we have been mentioned, and also the appliances and utensils we use. Nowadays the elements that we use to clean the house have been so sophisticated that part of the work falls on them, freeing ourselves from the arduous tasks of thorough cleaning.
An example of this are steam mops that clean and disinfect not only the floor but surfaces such as ceramic, stone, parquet or wood. What is your great advantage?They clean and disinfect without using any detergent that contaminates because they use steam and also reduce working time thanks to its power. The most modern designs are made in such a way that they allow access to corners that other appliances have so far been unable to clean.

So if we follow some good postural advice and we help with the technologies applied in the new appliances such as steam mop, we can make cleaning the house a much shorter and less heavy work for our body. Forget your efforts!

The mop steam Hidro Mop is a steam mop designed to clean and disinfect any type of soil: ceramics, stone, marble, wood and even parquet with one pass!

This appliance has the advantage of cleaning and disinfecting the floors of your home or business without using any kind of detergents which represent on the one hand a further investment and on the other, damage the environment as the disinfectants are not diluted by Complete, which causes a contamination without water repairs. In turn, the Mop Hop Mop has the ability to clean areas of your home such as: bathrooms, kitchen, oven, carpet, blinds and even the place where pets sleep in seconds, reducing the time you invest in The daily cleaning of your home.


  • Stylish, practical, compact design
  • Uses steam to clean, without chemical agents
  • It cleans all types of surfaces such as marble, ceramics, stone, carpets, wood, etc.
  • Super absorbent microfiber cloths
  • Triangular design specially designed to clean all corners of the house
  • Power: 1500 w
  • Capacity of deposit: 700 ml

Click here to see more http://beststeammopreviewspro.com/best-steam-mop-reviews-and-ratings-guide/.

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